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We build, construct and sell detached and semi-detached houses mainly in Budapest and Pest County.

At the same time, the we play a significant role in the construction industry of the EU Member States. We provide services in compliance with the policies of the Member States.

We have young, flexible teams with great experience in several areas of activity.

We carry out each job with a guarantee, within a reasonable length of time; we provide high quality at affordable prices.

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On an annual basis we carry out the construction of several detached houses, take part in government contracts, and work as a subcontractor in large investments. For performing these skilled works we have twenty well-qualified employees but, if necessary, we can increase the number of employees with partners whom we have been working together for years. We are trying to give you a picture of our activities but it is by no means exhaustive. We hope to meet all your requirements, and are looking forward to receiving your valued orders.


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György Álló

+36 20 941-3142

György Álló

+36 20 941-3142